Who Are Supporting Sanders? Who Are Supporting Trump?

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(Pictures are from Fox News)

AOC will be his running mate?

Sanders supporters are young and they are unified and extreme.

The 78 years old Vermont senator received 46 % of the votes
in Nevada caucus. The former Vice President Joe Biden was
a distant second and he received 19.6 % of the votes.

In Nevada, Bernie Sanders supporters are — young,
Latino and liberal — that brought him a decisive victory.

As of now, Sanders has a good chance of winning
the Democratic nomination. He is supported
by Our Revolution, which was founded to help
social democratic candidates. He has, according to
Open Secrets, received at least $20, 906 from
National Nurses United, a major nurses’ union that
advocates for single-payer health care as well as for
better pay and working conditions for nurses,
and better patient care for all.

Medicare for All health care plan is supported by especially
young voters. A majority, 62 percent, support
“replacing all private health insurance with a single
government plan for everyone.” But, many people
are not sure if it works or not.

Trump Supporters

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(Pictures from CNN and ABC)

NRL (The National Rifle Association of America)
is a large Trump supporter. So, no gun control is
in the Trump nation. His supporters are Conservative
Christian, farmers, business men, retired people, veterans,
middle class people, business owners, older people,
investors and Sunday golf players.

Trump was acquitted by in his Impeachment Trial.
Some say that he won the election
at that moment. But, the rumor is that both Sanders
and Trump are

supported by Russians. Russia offered their helping
hands to win the election.

I belong to two completely different kinds of groups.
One is a gourmet club.Women get together once a month
to eat a gourmet food at each other’s house.
They pray before each meal. This group’s women are
very conservative. Most of them
own guns at home, and often their husbands’
hobby is hunting. They go to church every Sunday.
Most of them are republicans.

The other group I belong to is called a discussion group.
Members are retired teachers and librarians. They are mainly
Democrats. They cannot stand President Trump. But,
they feel comfortable in a stock market and economy
under Trump.

They were not sure about Medicare for all. We invested
in an insurance company to be protected after retirement.
Can we trust Medicare for all?
Do they have a good coverage for everybody?

Many people might not like a sudden change. Not so fast?

Wait and see is the present feeling among middle class people.
Medicare for all will be paid by everybody’s tax. Taxes will go up high
definitely. We do not like it.



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