White Police Officers and Black Americans

There are so many cases of black people who have been killed
by police officers in the US.

In many cases, the police officers were not charged.
I was wondering why the police officers had to kill black people. The police operate
in a challenging job where they are authorized to use deadly force with their guns
when warranted. In my personal opinion, it is a challenging environment where emotions
can run high and police have to make split second decisions when fear, power
and self-defense all can be tangled with the decision whether or not they
should shoot their gun.

It takes great discipline and responsibility to act appropriately, especially
when you are dealing with potential criminals that may not care about any code of ethics,
rules, or laws.

This is just my personal observation.

Also, a stereotype exists where white police officers perceive African-Americans are
usually criminals. Some think that it is a subconscious idea buried in their minds,
while some may actually be legitimately racist.

Of course, there many respectful and hardworking officers who
work for citizens as public servants. In a lot of fields of work, there can be
a small percentage of the people who come to exemplify the majority of
the workers in the career field when they make a mistake or do something wrong.
That may or may not be fair, but those who do wrong can often create a perception
in the eyes of the public that exemplifies everyone in their respective community.
This seems especially true for policemen in light of the George Floyd tragedy and
the Rodney King beatings as high profile cases that rocked the fabric of society
in America.

Let’s take a closer look at some cases that were not as widely publicized
but have still been documented.

BuzzFeed News had a list of young black people who were
killed by white officers in 2014 to 2015, I would like to review these cases.
These black people were mainly killed by white police officers. Only the people
who were actually there can know for sure what the context of the situation was
and what the police officer’s true intent was. Having said that, it has been labeled
that these African-Americans were killed as a result of police misjudgment.
If police officers did not kill these black people, they would still be alive today.

1. Dontre Hamilton, 31years old (April 30, 2014), Milwaukee.
He had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
He was fatally shot. The police officer was not charged.

2. Eric Garner, 43 years old (July 17, 2014), New York.
Chokehold for 15 seconds. Allegedly selling loose cigarettes.

3. John Crawford III, 22 years old (Aug. 5, 2014), Dayton, Ohio.
He had been holding a toy BB gun. Killed by a police officer
at Walmart. (Officers were not charged)

4. Michael Brown Jr. 18 years old (Aug.9, 2014), Ferguson Missouri
Police officer Darren Wilson killed Brown, but a grand jury
declined to charge Wilson. This lead protests in across the

5. Ezell Ford, 25years old (Aug. 11, 2014), Florence California
He was a mentally ill man. He was unarmed. But, he was
shot three times. So far, two officers were not charged.

6. Dante Parker, 36 years old (Aug.12, 2014), Victorville, California
He died by repeatedly stunned by a Taser.

7. Tanisha Anderson, 37 years old (Nov.13,2014), Cleveland
Officers allegedly slammed her head on the pavement.
She had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
No charges have been filed yet.

8. Akai Gurley, 28 years old, (Nov.20, 2014), Brooklyn, New York
Accidental discharge. He was shot and killed by a police officer.
The officer was charged.

9. Tamir Rice, 12 years old (Nov.22, 2014), Cleveland
He was shot and killed after officers mistook his toy gun
for a real weapon. Officers were not charged yet.

10.Rumain Brisson, 34 years old (Dec. 2, 2014), Phoenix
He was killed by a Phenix officer who mistook a pill bottle
for a weapon. The officer was not charged yet.

11.Jerame Reid 36 years old (Dec. 30, 2014), Bridgeton, New Jersey
He was a passenger in a car driven by his friend.
An officer is heard that there is a gun in the glove compartment.
Officers were placed on administrative leave.

12. Tony Robinson, 19 years old (March 6, 2015), Madison Wisconsin
Robinson was shot and killed by a Madison police officer. Robinson
was unarmed.

13.Phillip White, 32 years old (March 31, 2015), Vineland, New Jersey
Police responded to a call. A police dog bit White.

14.Eric Harris, 44 years old (April 2, 2015), Tulsa Oklahoma
Eric Harris was killed by a 73-year-old reserve deputy officer.
He allegedly mistook his own gun for a Taser.
The officer was charged with manslaughter.

15.Walter Scott, 50 years old (April 4, 2015), North Charleston,
South Carolina)
Scott run away from a traffic stop for a broke taillight. He was
shot by a police officer. The officer was fired and charged with

16.Freddie Gray, 25 years old, (April 19, 2015), Baltimore
Gray died of a spinal cord injury a week after he was arrested by
the Police officer. He was arrested for allegedly possessing switchblade.
The officers involved had been criminally charged.

These black people were often killed as a result of a misunderstanding.
One did not have a gun in the glove compartment, one had a toy gun.
Why were they killed? Because they were black, and police officers made
quick decisions thinking that they were black criminals without properly
assessing the situation.

Lately, it’s not just black, any “colored” people were targeted
to be blamed especially, after Corona virus came from China.

For example, the Asian community at large has come under fire as a result of
the tragedy of the global Covid-19 pandemic. For example, in Torrance,
California a Japanese owner of a cooking utensil store was a victim of a hate crime where he received a bomb threat and was told “Monkey, go back to Japan!”

It’s hard time now for minorities to live in the U.S..


(This picture is showing a hate mail to one of the Japanese stores, Yahoo Japan, 6/18/20)

2)Yahoo Japan 6/18/20 , Makiko Iina



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