I Might Have Been Infected by Corona

I was in New York during the Christmas, New Year season last year.

Two weeks later, after I came back from New York City,
I had a very bad cold. I go to the gym almost
every day. I simply thought I got a bad cold at the gym.
We touch bicycles, treadmills, weight lifting bars and
work with other various exercise machines at the gym.

I simply thought that I was contaminated by various
germs since I walked hours in the crowded New York City and
went to the gym every day after I came back. I thought
that I was a little exhausted by travelling too much.

But, my dry cough was never gone, my doctor decided to send me
to a pulmonologist. But my appointment date was in
March. At that time, Corona virus was at its peak.
I just did not want to visit to the hospital at the peak
of Corvid-19. I canceled when the appointment date became closer.
The next possible opening date to visit the pulmonologist was in June.
Unfortunately, my dry cough lasted till my visitation day to the
pulmonologist in June. The pulmonologist diagnosed me
as asthma. I have been on an inhaler since then.

But he decided to send me otorhinolaryngology (Eat, Nose and Throat)
clinic for the further test. I am going to see the nurse practitioner there

During this long process of my dry cough, I started to think that
I might have had the Coronavirus whether in New York or
at the gym. Because I had a dry cough for a long time.

Maybe, I became immune to Corvid19, now.
I read the article on WebMD. It says,

• Bacteria and viruses like the one that causes COVID-19 have proteins called
antigens on their surfaces. Each type of germ has its own unique antigen.
• White blood cells of your immune system make proteins called antibodies
to fight the antigen. Antibodies attach to antigens the way a key fits into a lock,
and they destroy the invading germ.
• Once you've been exposed to a virus, your body makes memory cells.
If you're exposed to that same virus again, these cells recognize it. They tell
your immune system to make antibodies against it.

I just feel I had Corvid-19 and became immune to it.

If a large part of the population is immune to this disease, the rates
of infection drop and the disease peters out. This is called herd immunity.
I hope it is happening in my area and protects at-risk population.

I stayed at home too long and I want to go to visit my son
in Florida and I want to go to see “Hamilton” in New York. I hope
I am immune to Corona because of herd immunity.



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結果が出るまでちょっとドキドキですね。集団免疫に対してI hopeのお気持ち、お察しいたします。
英語の医学用語は難しいものが多いですね。ラテン語由来なのでしょうか。また、nurse practitioner のことは知りませんでした。早速調べたら、日本にはいないようです。

アメリカのおばちゃまさま こんにちは


なると、フットボールの言語、図書館に行くと、science in 500とか、それぞれの分野の単語を覚えておく必要がありますね。

今週、耳鼻咽喉科耳鼻咽喉科、簡単に言えば、Ear Nose Throatの医者に行きます。良いアドヴァイスが得られますように。。。


Spanish Fluも多くの人が、流感にかかり、それにより、人々に免疫ができて、治ったと聞きますが。。。。