Great Hair Stylist, soon!


高校生の高校生の息子さんが  私の行きつけのサロン


My hairstylist has been trained at Este Lauer, that what I heard about her.

She has an assistant hairstylist learning under her.


I am talking about this assistant hairstylist today.

She is from Mexico. Her Husband is a medical doctor.

She was a teacher there.


Several years ago, her husband decided to work in the US.  Of course,
the US Government accepted her husband to work here. Medical doctors are

needed in the US.


After she moved to US, she decided to be a teacher in the area

of early childhood education. But she had a large language barrier

to work as a teacher with little children. That was too much for her.


She decided to be a hair stylist. She is pretty and she likes the beauty business.


I am happy she found something she enjoys. I just

love to talk with her. I share my problems with her when I was

working at elementary school as a librarian.


It took time to establish myself as an educator in this society.


I am glad that this talented assistant is going to step

by step to be a great success in the business. 


I was thinking what is important to be successful when we choose

our profession.


We have to love and enjoy what we are doing.

We have to be good at what we are doing.


My lady from Mexico will shine in this business.

She is kind to customers, enthusiastic about her job,

good at selling beauty products in this salon, and she is



というわけで、今日, 彼女に髪を染めてもらいました。